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Welcome to AeroPress Portugal Competition official page! Did you know that AeroPress coffee maker was invented by the same guy who invented Aerobie? Coffee maker made by a wannabe-better-frisbee creator, how bizzare can that be? Adam Adler, who started researching on innovative coffee makers in 2004, introduced AeroPress at coffee industry trade show in November 2005. It is then, that it made a breakthrough in carry-on coffee makers market. Compact and easy to use device quickly gained popularity and found place in home as well as professional environments. Its fame never stopped growing and even turned into a most relaxed and fun coffee competition out there!

Tim Wendelboe was the very first judge in the very first three-contestants Aeropress ‘Championship’ in Oslo in 2005. What started in a small room, evolved to a global movement and organic growth of competitions ‘round the world. To this day over 3000 competitors battle for the best AeroPress recipe in over 60 countries. The competition itself is typically very laid back - three contestants have, within limited time bank, brew a cup of coffee. Then, all three identically looking cups presented to three judges, that evaluate coffee by smelling it, slurping, etc. With no discussions, on the count they have to point to the cup ‘they prefer drinking the most’. The revealed winner moves on and losers stay to support their friends and have a good time!

AeroPress Portugal

In September 2018 we’ve entered the global movement too. Our first ever AeroPress National Championship was hosted in 7g Roaster in Vila Nova de Gaia. In the first chapter, we’ve gathered over 20 competitors and over a hundred spectators throughout the day-long event. AeroPress Competition is an inclusive event that welcomes everyone regardless of their occupation, sex, race, religious beliefs, etc. We ultimately want to unite coffee lovers around Portugal in a form of event that essentially results in the winner getting the opportunity to represent Portugal in the World AeroPress Championship. The location is changing from year to year and AeroPress Portugal is covering travel and accommodation related expenses.

Take a sneak peek at last year’s World Finals in Sydney, Australia. We are currently preparing for this year’s event: sourcing competition coffee, negotiating venue, planning out the details of the day of the event. Stick around for the future posts and make sure to follow the news on Instagram and Facebook.

Competition 2019

Picking up the pace from last year's grand finale.

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